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A classic sofa

Howard sofa is a stylish and popular model suitable for many environments.
Since Howard & Sons developed the sofa in the 1800s, it has become synonymous
with great craftsmanship and timeless design.

Generally, one can say that model is deep and inviting with a medium soft seat and supportive backrest and the front legs are fitted with wheels in chrome or brass.




The story of the Howard Sofa

Howard & Sons belonged to some of the leading clothing manufacturers in the 1800s.
As large as Gillow was for cabinet furniture they also collaborated on more
important projects.

Howard & Sons exhibited at all the major trade shows in the middle of the 1800s,
including the Great Exhibition in 1851 and the subsequent at Crystal Palace,
as well as exhibitions in America and France.

They were Royal Warrant and delivered to several royal residences with many items
of antique furniture, most obviously upholstery.

Although Howard & Sons was known for its excellent craftsmanship and superb
finishing of all types of furniture and furnishings, it is their upholstered furniture,
mainly sofas, as Denu is so famous.

They really led the development of design and construction in the 1800s. The
upholstered easy chairs, couches, chairs, stools, pouffes, couches and beds as
they were better than normal in many ways to that time.

Dress for comfort, heel cushions, lashed quad springs and so on are all important
features that other tapetsreare simply not used. Often the reason either lack of
knowledge or because of the cost.

The road to their technique is interesting in terms of innovation and technology.
They clung to traditional upholstering techniques long after other manufacturers
had been modernized. Some of these methods were from the 1600s and must have
made such covering to Howard sofas much more expensive than other furniture manufacturers.

Features like drop articulated frames, hard stitched edge (instead of a suspended front)
and beautifully smooth birchborder means that sofas and chairs made by Howard & Sons
is not only comfortable, but also very durable.

The comfortable armchairs and sofas from the nineteenth century is now a very
good investment for the modern collector. Howard & Sons has annually become
rarer and more sought after and therefore also increasing in value every year.

As well as that there are now many colors and models to choose from with
affordable prices.